28th July 2012

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Anaheim braces for a weekend of protests over police shootings

July 28, 2012

Residents in Anaheim braced for more street protests Saturday, following a week of unrest linked to several high-profile police-involved shootings in the Southern California city.

The FBI said Friday it would “consider” investigating police tactics in Anaheim, and Mayor Tom Tait announced he had asked for a federal review of the fatal shooting of an unarmed man July 21. Police described the victim as a known member of the city’s notorious street gangs.

That shooting touched off a wave of demonstrations in the Orange County city, famous as the home of Disneyland.

Amid the scrutiny, the Anaheim Police Department has stood behind its officers.

“As the war against street-gang terrorism continues in cities across America, including Anaheim, the fine men and women of the Anaheim Police Department will continue to serve and protect all the residents of Anaheim who live in fear of gang violence,” Police Association President Kerry Condon said in an open letter to the Register.

Remember Kids: Being an accused gang member is a legitimate excuse to be shot dead in front of your neighbors.

after that shit that happened 2 me @ pops last week, i’m a little uneasy skating around my hood….. think i’mma start dressing like a yuppie

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    Looking at all the local shops fucked up pissed me off. Like those are family owned businesses they had no right to go...
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    Who investigates the FBI? The CIA? How come the Offices of the Inspectors General NEVER bring action? Who investigates...
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    A bunch of dumbasses that I know from Wabahiem are joining these protest just for the fuck of it. They don’t even have a...
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